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Our Favorite Sweet Treats to Welcome Spring

Spring has (almost) sprung! We are excited for the blooming flowers, the warmer weather, and to be able to bake some delicious spring treats. Like any season, there are some specific sweet treats that you can try making and it’s always fun to experiment with different techniques and types of baked goods. Here are some delicious treats for any of your spring gatherings, or just to have for your family around the house.

Blooming Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a delight and making them can be a fun family activity-- and, what’s one prominent theme for spring? Flowers! This is a great time to make cupcakes that resemble the blooming nature of spring with different piping tips. If you’re planning to go to a spring party, this will be an easy and fun dessert to bring along with you.

You’ll need bakery piping tips, a piping bag, homemade buttercream frosting, or any other frosting of your choice. If you can’t find piping bags, an easy trick is to use a plastic bag, cut off one of the corners with scissors, and you’re all good to go! The piping tips are crucial because they will give the cupcake that spring flower look. Easy, cute, and delicious-- that’s what these cupcakes are all about!

Easter Treats

With Easter being a major spring holiday, we had to include some adorable Easter sweets. From Easter eggs to the Easter Bunny, you can have fun and let your creativity roam free with these treats.

Jelly beans are the perfect addition to any baked treat to give it that Easter touch. Make sugar cookies with a glaze and stick these little sweet guys on there and you’ve got a cute, easy, and fun interpretation of Easter! If you’re looking to get creative and want to test your frosting game, buy bunny and egg cookie molds and have the family see who can draw the Easter Bunny the best or make the perfect Easter egg.

Have fun with these, and make a whole family activity out of them! Invite your friends and family over and have a friendly competition if you want-- the options are endless with Easter sweet treats!

Lemony Goodness

Lemon is the best spring flavor because it’s the perfect blend of refreshing, tart, and sweet. Lemon bars are a great dessert to bring to your spring gathering because they are simple, light, and oh so good! If you’re looking for that extra wow factor, or if you’re just not feeling the lemon bars, a tart or delicious lemon meringue pie will do the trick. Pies can typically be considered a more fall or winter type of dessert due to their warm and cinnamony nature, but lemon meringue is the perfect spring dessert because it’s light, refreshing, and just screams spring!

There are many more spring baking ideas that we could talk your ear off about, but these are great staple dessert recipes for any spring gathering you go to, and we know that each one, on its own, will be a crowd favorite. Now, the tricky question is, which one will you be bringing to your spring gathering?

Your friends at Black Sheep Baking Company.

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