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Our History

Black Sheep Baking Company was started about a dozen years ago and since then we have been able to grow tremendously. The support of our customers has been the foundation of our growth, so we have all of you to thank. Over the years, we have moved from our founder’s kitchen to a new production facility. Working with our community and partners has allowed us to develop into the company that we are today.

Lauren, our founder, has been perfecting the art of baking over the years. Through lots of trial and error, she has been able to find the best recipes and techniques to deliver the best treats to our customers. Lauren has built our company on the rule that simple is best. From recipes to our everyday lifestyle, we know that the simplest approach is likely the most effective.

Since we have started in Lauren’s kitchen, we have been able to work with countless restaurants and bakeries in the Cleveland area. Aside from being able to find our desserts being featured in restaurants, you can also find us at a local farmer’s market in Peninsula, Ohio. We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to showcase our desserts in local restaurants and markets.

At Black Sheep, we have dedicated countless hours to product development, and although it may not have been easy, it was worth it. Because of this process, we have created the best formula to deliver delicious desserts to all of our amazing customers. Baking with simple ingredients and adding a whole lot of love creates the perfect combination for our baked goods.

Black Sheep Baking Company is dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality desserts as possible. We have had the honor to be working with our community for over ten years, so we have been able to get every last detail perfect for you all. Come check us out at a local restaurant or stop by the farmer’s market. We would also love to talk to you about placing custom orders for your next event.

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