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What to Bring to Your Holiday Party

When it comes to the holiday season, we're all asking..what should I bring?

You can’t go wrong with dessert because, most of the time, nobody can deny a delicious baked good. But, how do you know which kind of sweet treat to bring?

If the party you’re going to is a more traditional, family oriented get together, a delicious apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie would do the trick. These specific flavors of pies are warm and comforting with emphasis on cinnamon and seasonal flavors that’ll make sure to warm the party goers hearts when they take a bite.

If you’re having a Secret Santa party or a holiday get together with some friends, no one can

deny a cookie, not even the man that comes down the chimney. For those types of holiday

festivities, a good option could be a seasonal favorite snickerdoodle cookie due to the time of

year and the cinnamon flavor. As well as snickerdoodle, we’re

sure that a tried and true

chocolate chip would do the job too, or ginger, or chocolate chunk with a bit of sea salt, we’re

trying to get the idea across that any cookie will do, or will dough (we can’t help ourselves).

If you’re looking to impress, any of these options will be sure to blow the socks off of your

company, but macarons are a great addition to any party. They’re soft and airy and are the

perfect option to suffice a sweet tooth. From a sweet yet tart raspberry macaron to a decadent

chocolate, or a hodgepodge of a few different flavors, they will guarantee something for everyone.

The holidays are meant to be celebrated with those you love and cherish, and we think that

dessert is just one simple idea in showing your loved ones how much you love and care about

them, this season and the seasons to come.

Your friends at Black Sheep Baking Company.

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